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Centre for Stories says YES to the Voice

Centre for Stories supports the YES vote in the referendum.

September 5, 2023

Centre for Stories staff support the Voice. Giving voice is what we do on a daily basis. We let the storyteller shine. We empower people who have been marginalised to speak their truth. To stand in that as they give words to who they are. We do that for many communities from a position of learning, of collaboration, of inclusion. That includes First Nations people most of all in this sovereign Whadjuk City.

The Voice is what we have before us. It is not the start, nor the end of the process. It is an important way to help us all tell a better story about ourselves and each other. It is an invitation from First Nations people who have cared for country, ancestors and each other since the world was soft. It is an honour that cultures and artists of such high respect want to be included in The Australian Constitution. The Constitution should feel proud to have this clause included for it is a living document and a work in progress. It is a great coming together of laws, a makaratta in practical terms.

We all have work to do to get this over the line – in our workplaces, in our families, in our communities. In the arts and not-for-profits. A successful referendum is a moment of unity that will be celebrated even more in reflection. To vote is a privilege, just like living in a democracy, just like the responsible freedom of expression. To engage, to participate, to contribute to our civic life is a right we must respect. That is why we are having our say. 

A Voice will do just that, and with it we hope to see our world become a little more just, a little more peaceful, a little more joyful, just like us. Vote YES and get out there and make a difference to the kids who are coming after. 

We encourage all our friends and supporters to learn more about the Voice at

This statement was written and endorsed by the Centre for Stories team. Thank you for reading.

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