Welcome, Portside Review

Centre for Stories is excited to announce, Portside Review, a new journal from and for the Indian Ocean. It has major islands in Boorloo, Mumbai and Singapore, and forms an archipelago from Kinjarling to Karachi to Cape Town.

Portside Review is funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the Centre for Stories Founders Circle.

Building from the success of the Centre for Stories’ Journal in 2020, Portside Review is a new digital space for essays, interviews, reviews, poems, and so much more. Portside Review will publish four issues per year from its website portsidereview.com and will be open for submissions all year round. Each issue is subscriber-based, at an annual fee of AUD $70.

Subscribe to Portside Review here.

Portside Review is one of many Centre for Stories projects that continues to support and develop diverse writers careers through publication, editorial support, and industry experience. In addition, Portside Review offers two annual internships located at the Centre for Stories in Northbridge.

Portside Review is a collaborative projected created by people from around the Indian Ocean. It transcends nation states to reflect on local concerns in conversation with regional peers in Australia, Africa and Asia. You can find out more about the Committee here.

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