Give Time

The Centre for Stories wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the many people putting in hours of time to make us the best we can be. Giving time is so valuable to us, and we’re so thankful to those who continuously give their time to us. From volunteers, to staff, to mentors and passionate followers—we are a product of your time.

This week is National Volunteer Week, and gosh do we have so many people to thank.

To our incredibly dynamic and passionate interns, thank you.
To our volunteers helping us serve food, tick off names at doors, and wash dishes, thank you.
To our mentors, giving so much important time to our emerging writers, many working under market rates, thank you.
To our wonderful book clubs and those facilitating, thank you.
To our staff, working overtime, working for free, working for the love of what we do, thank you.
And to you. Thank you for keeping watch of us, for sharing our ideas, for championing diverse stories, for caring about the arts. Thank you.

During this time of isolation, we have been especially thankful for the time and dedication our networks have shared with us. In tough times like these we are bewildered by your benevolence and support.

Share the love, and join us in thanking the many people giving time to the Centre for Stories.

Fem Book Club / Write Night / SFF Collective / Indonesian Literature Club / Poetry Workshop / AfroHeritage Book Club

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