New Club – AfroHeritage Book Club

This Harmony Day we’d like to turn your attention to our latest book club here at the Centre for Stories, the AfroHeritage Book Club!

Hosted by Vuma Phiri and Gisele Ishimwe, the AfroHeritage Book Club is a response to the single narrative that continues to limit Africa to dangerous and insulting stereotypes.

AfroHeritage Book Club is a meeting space for Africans in the diaspora (living outside of the African continent). With the aim to connect Africans living in Australia with literature (and other relevant bodies of artwork) created by Africans. By engaging with popular (and less known) literature from the African continent, our members will leave feeling connected to stories of their heritage as we discuss and share what we are getting out of what we are reading.

At this stage the next Club meeting is uncertain, so if this interests you, go ahead and follow AfroHeritage Book Club on Instagram for updates:


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