New Collaboration – Tiger Moth Review

In collaboration with The Tiger Moth Review (based in Singapore), the Centre for Stories is working towards an online collection of eco-poems to be published on the journal’s website.

Editor-in-chief and founder of The Tiger Moth Review, Esther Vincent Xueming, will mentor a group of emerging Perth poets from Centre for Stories Inclusion Matters project, reading their poetry and providing critique to hone their craft. Poets will engage with the question of how their culture has influenced their relationship to nature, the environment and ecology, touching on themes of death, belonging, identity, justice and healing. As is the mission of both organisations, there will be a particular emphasis on representing a diversity of voices, especially from women of colour.

This project aims to connect the cultural ecologies of the two cities of Perth and Singapore, with the hope of creating new eco-conscious poems that resonate across geographical boundaries. Through this collaboration, we introduce readers to new voices, mapping out different ways we can respond to pertinent topics of climate change, culture, consumerism, environmental consciousness, all with a desire to better understand and articulate our relationship to the world we live in.

This collection is due out in the first half of 2020. Keep an eye on our socials for updates!

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